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“Ethics and Animals” survey data

Dear friends,

The “Ethics and Animals” survey data is already available. It is in Google docs (unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow for the uploading of Excel files). These are the links (files as received from QuestionPro):

English data / French data / German data / Portuguese data / Spanish data

Later on today, I shall give the data some basic treatment (eliminating duplicates, fixing fractions, converting things to number format, discarding absurd answers – “I’m 200 years old”, or “I’m 40 years old and have been vegan for 100 years” -, whatever needs to be done to help the analysis) and send it in a single file to everyone who’s requested it through (I’ll be glad to send it to anyone who asks for it).

An advice is in place to those less accustomed to statistical thinking. There is no reason whatsoever for one to believe that we have a sample representing, in every aspect, the whole of the global animal protection community. This is for several reasons, such as wording that may cause attrition from one or another class of respondents, the loose style of promotion of the survey that we chose, the focus on people who use internet… Others can post other reasons.

So, for example, it would make *no sense at all* to use the data to infer that 50% (with whatever confidence interval) of the animal protection community is vegan. However, there *are* estimators that may remain consistent, if the possible biases are somehow unrelated to the questions posed. I should post some of these possible questions some time in the next week (since I need to present something on them in the upcoming International Vegan Festival in Rio anyway).

All the best,

ethiQUEST Surveys


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